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Roger Cline: guitar, lead vocal
Debbie Durant: upright bass, harmony vocal
Billy Hawks: fiddle
Jody King: banjo


The wind and the waves on the deep dark sea, filled all their hearts with fear
Soon they found that their only hope was in the Lord so near
So they gathered around him sleeping on the deck, they woke him where he lay
He bid for the wind and the waves to calm, quickly the sea obeyed

When I’m overwhelmed in such a way, can’t believe I can face another day
Before I’m overcome with fear, I call on the Lord so near
He knows what worries me, nothing new before Him does He see
I learn as He sets me free, More of His love for me

Out in the desert in the blazing sun, Hot sand beneath their feet
an army of Egyptians closing in, they surely faced defeat
Then the big Red Sea that had blocked their way, rumbled and opened wide
They gathered their children close at hand, and walked safely to the other side

©2020 Roger Wayne Cline, Walnut Run Music LLC (ASCAP)